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I am the webmaster of this shit.Is my site cool?what can you say about it punk?well i guess it's not cool right?(just curious).

By the way,i built this site with the inspiration of my classmates.They are Michael Noynay,Stephen Paul"The Great"Padilla,Rodrigo "The Master-b****"Sabelita and Alfie "the secret hehe" Catorse that's all thank you bow.

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Once upon a time, there was a blah blah blah that lived in a blah blah blah city and there he blah the blah,,grrr.,I'm tired editing this shit maybe next time.*lmfao*

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If you want to link my stupid site in your shit site,feel free to email me first or else i'll rip your ass off (kidding).Just email me no problem with that.

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