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Check out some fresh footages taken from the new video "First Date" in Crap Pics

<br><BGSOUND SRC=" Date.mid" LOOP="-1"><br>

UH,I'm tired of updating this site but it doesn't mean i don't like the band but it's just i'm busy upgrading my pc itself :)

Windows XP,Codename: WHISTLER Rocks!!!
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Thanks for posting the new pics guys.You somewhat contributed my site's improvement for the sake of the guys.Keep it up i really appreciate it.

Thanks especially to hurleychick182 for posting it:)
Music: First Date

The background music is just a midi not an mp3.Please be patient coz if i use an mp3 format,it will affect the site's loading progress coz it's too big.Hope you guys understand - geopril

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